Army Containers

Modular Container Military Camps

The container camps are widely used in the army camps. They can also be used on trailers, remote stations, holiday camps, etc. You can change the design of the containers, windows and door locations. The furniture places are also just for your information and you can also change them, too.
For assembling the units, we can send a supervisor to assemble the products with your workers in the camp area, or we can send a team that will make all the assembly in the camp area. One unit can be assembled within 2 hours. All units are made up with standard 20 and 40 ft containers. So it is easy to transport, and assemble. If  you want, you can add extra containers for bigger places or you can
ask for smaller containers for places. You can change your camp place easily with these units.
We are sending these units(containers) all over the world especially to Europe, Middleeast, Africa and Americas. We can transport 14 units (20ft) with one truck now. This is a great advantage for us and for our customers. It is also possible to transport 10 units in the shipping container by vessel. Our products are stronger than our competitor's products. We use 9mm thickness profiles
for bottom chases and for columns. The floor strength is 500 kg/m2. Our products are resistant against corrosion. We are using thick profiles and Akzo Nobel brand epoxy paints.
Here are the the advantages of these products:
- Easy to assembly within 1-2 hour with 4 persons
- Easy to change a damaged part of the container and the roof
- We can make custom made designs for our customers
- Better heat insulation with polyurethane sandwich panels