Prefabricated Log Homes

Many consumers have negative connotations of prefabricated homes be them log homes or other. The confusion seems to lie in between the terms prefab and manufactured. Karmod Prefabricated homes are not manufactured homes, that is, they are not homes that are fully manufactured in a factory and then shipped to a site. Prefabricated homes and log homes are much different. The materials for the home are pre-cut in a factory and some of the primary walls are panelized off site, but the home itself it assembled on site. The modern prefab is not inferior in construction or material to any other type of home. This fact must be understood.
Within the prefabricated log home market there are choices to make as well. Picture a well-appointed ski chalet and you have an idea of one style of log home that many manufacturers offer. Styles and floor plans vary company to company but most offer a wide array of classic and modern architecture to choose from. Log siding has also become a popular choice with home owners. In this case, the home is built with pre-cut lumber as any other prefab or kit home would be, and then log siding is added as a final step. But don’t confuse log siding with the cheap siding of old. Log siding is made from wood (often cedar) and is treated and coated with all of the weather and insect barriers that are needed. This log siding is a popular choice among home owners who want to change the look of their existing prefab or who have worries about the design control with a full log home.
With a prefabricated log home, you get all of the advantages of a prefab home, with the added bonus of a log cabin style. It is a beautiful choice in today’s housing market both aesthetically, environmentally, and economically.