Prefabricated Schools

Temporary and Mobile Classroom Solutions

Whether you need a permanent prefab classroom or an entire temporary school building, Karmod has flexible and cost-effective solutions. Both temporary education buildings and permanent prefab school options can be manufactured in our technologically equipped production facilities using state of the art automatic machines.

Mobile Classrooms for Minimal Disruption

Our clients in the education sector expresses the need to maintain silence in the educational environments like schools or colleges. This especially has paramount importance when trying to extend teaching accommodation. With the advantage of being able to build modular classrooms and mobile educational buildings with prefabricated elements, construction work on the educational site can be kept to a minimum. Modular building construction methods also allows a fast track build program and maximizes site safety.

Modular Schools of Early Response

Rapid response is always a high priority in the aftermath of natural disasters. Modular teaching spaces enable the government officials and educational administration to minimize the disruption to the education immediately after catastrophic failure of school structures. Karmod is able to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers when there is little or no room for manoeuvre. With much of the construction completed prior to installation on site, Karmod can supply a fast and efficient modular building solution. Units are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, where the production is  not affected by external factors, such as severe weather conditions.