Refugee camps shelters

A decent, durable, and secure shelter for refugees.

Innovative flat pack refugee shelters from Karmod,  good insulation and quick assembling, that present the best solution for refugee camps by responding immediately to the big demand with huge production capacity.

Unfortunately the number of refugees and internally displaced people is rapidly increasing worldwide with all the wars, conflicts and natural disasters increase. Governments and NGO’s are facing sudden and huge demand on houses and shelters to accommodate such huge numbers of fleeing people. This huge demand can only be met through offering prefabricated modular shelters that are mass produced and brought ready to the refugee camp.

Karmod, as one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated structures including prefabricated houses, buildings, living containers and modular kiosks, has become a main supplier of modular emergency refugee shelter with its big production capacity that can reach up to 1100 containers per month. Karmod has a record of successful projects delivered in very short time to accommodate thousands of refugees in modern refugee camps.

A refugee house that is produced by Karmod has normally all what a family requires to live decent life including a toilet, shower, kitchen cabinet, one or two rooms, lighting and sockets. It can also based on special requirements have air conditioners, water tank, window curtains, shutters and burglar bars on windows. Karmod containers and polyester cabins are the most practical, economic and quick solutions to build refugee camps that can accommodate thousands of people in a short time.

In addition to being comfortable and modern design, our containers are produced according to international transportation standards making it easy to transport. Furthermore they are easy to assemble once arrived on site. Karmod containers come in various sizes and functional plans such as 2.3x6, 3x7, 3x9, 3x12 m and internal plan can be adjusted to suit a small family, big family or even two families. Our demountable modular container structure allow many units to be joined together to create a variety of facilities such as schools, healthcare centers, clinics, worship places, laundry areas, recreational areas, toilets and showers, dining halls and other social facilities required inside any refugee camp.

All materials used in our containers are chosen from top quality Turkish brands, which give them long life span. Once the emergency situation that caused refugees to leave their houses is over, the containers can be stocked easily in stacks to be used again in emergency situations anywhere in the world.