Workforce Camps

Workforce Camps

When major rebuilding or field exploration projects require immediate accommodations for small crews to several thousand workers, Karmod Scotsman's modular workforce facilities provide a fast, flexible solution. Short or long-term, in local or remote locations, we can customize a modular workforce camp that not only supports optimum performance, but also offers a comfortable living environment for your employees. From a single bunkhouse, to an entire complex, our team of modular space experts will work closely with you to create a fully functional camp with first class interiors and modern furnishings.
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Workforce Housing

Karmod Scotsman understands that your personnel are often subject to harsh conditions on the job in extremely remote locations. Therefore, we also offer fast and dependable service to ensure your camp accommodations are in top condition and provide maximum staff comfort.

Our modular workforce camp solutions can accommodate variety of building applications:
Workforce Camp Sleeping Accommodations

Whether you need accommodations for a large or small workforce, Karmod Scotsman offers a variety of solutions to comfortably house both field workers and executive staff.

We offer a wide range of Sleepers, Dormitories, Construction and Permanent Operating Camps, as well as Side-by-Side Camps. Our experts are available to discuss your unique requirements and provide an appropriate configuration to comfortably and affordably house your staff.
Workforce Camp Dining Facilities

Kitchen and Dining accommodations are a critical component to workforce camps. Whether you need to meet the dining needs of a few or several hundred workers, we can provide full turnkey camp and catering to suit. Our Kitchen/Diner Complexes are multi-functional and come fully equipped with.
Workforce Camp Recreation Complexes

Karmod Scotsman can help you design Recreational Facilities specially tailored to the unique requirements of your project with fitness equipment, entertainment, games, computer areas, and retail opportunities.

Examples of Karmod Scotsman’s available Recreational Facilities include:

    Smoking and non-smoking TV rooms
    Theater areas for movie showings
    Game areas complete with foosball tables and billiards
    Exercise areas with stationary equipment, free weights or universal gyms
    Computer and telephone areas that include Internet access
    Retail opportunities for franchises and catering companies
    Workforce Camp Support Solutions

    Karmod Scotsman provides a variety of complementary equipment to support all your camp functions. From Water Storage Units to Conference rooms to Shower Lockers and Washcars.

    Examples of Camp Support Solutions include:

    Low profile Sewage Holding Tanks w/ Heat trace and Insulation, a Secondary Containment Bladder, and High level Alarms.
        Conference rooms
        Ablution units
        Laundry facilities
        Showers Lockers and Washcars
        Medical and First Aid Facility