Worksite Container Projects

Karmod is one of the world leading brands in containers production with its experience that started in 1986. With a production area of 13,000 square meters, Karmod produces worksite containers in a modern high-tech factory. As Karmod enjoys a strong self-financed capital structure it makes all purchases in cash. This gives Karmod better bargaining position and price advantage, which is reflecting in more economical prices of final products and more customer satisfaction. Among worksite container solutions are locker rooms, dormitories, dining halls, study rooms, recreation rooms, fitness rooms, laundry rooms, WC-Shower units, canteens, cafe and other solutions that can be created by installing partitions based on desired plan. With its special production quality Karmod containers can be disassembled and assembled again many times. Karmod container is well-insulated, strong structure, double gazed windows in addition to using highest quality materials and workmanship. Best solutions of worksite buildings with top quality and ergonomic design from Karmod.